The Treasure At Both Ends of The Rainbow

Coming from Boulder, Tim and I took a few days to lazily waltz our way to Silver City. We drove from Nederland, Colorado through the Gila Wilderness by way of the Bisti Badlands and Quemado. About an hour outside of Silver City, we stopped in Glenwood to visit a few of our favorite hot springs along the San Francisco River.

A week before, Martha had told me that monsoon season was finally in full swing – gracing Silver City with misty evenings and slow, steady rains at night! The signs were everywhere. The river flowed high and strong. Logs rushed down the murky water and the flora was especially green and bushy. The fish were hiding from the strong current but bird songs were resounding from branches everywhere.

The San Francisco river feeds a haven – especially this time of year after some wild monsoon rain nutrition. Along with the beautiful, calm river and ever-changing hot springs, we have found quite a variety of natural fascinations, from loud bullfrogs that echo through the canyon to orange dragonflies flying in tall grasses that surround the rock-crevice lagoons filled with tiny, sunset-red colored fish.

We sat on the banks of the river for a drink. For twenty minutes we watched the water level rise. The hot springs were completely submerged, but it was nice to see the ecosystem relish in the abundance of rare, precious rainwater. We decided to leave, but it was already too late – we were on an island, surrounded by the rising flow of river on all sides. We island hopped and tromped through the river as quickly as possible. We made our way back up above the canyon to take a sweet nap on higher, sunny ground.

A few hours later we made our way back to Mord for a snack. Just as we were wrapping up, a fine rain started. The light drops brushed our hair and made us feel refreshed. I most enjoyed watching the drops splatter and slide down Tim’s cheeks as he laughed. When we started to get inside Mord, the most magnificent sight caught our eyes… a vibrant double rainbow appeared before us!

It was completely encapsulated in the valley with us. It floated high above us and both ends were exposed in nearby brush. Wowee, what an amazing sight! Even cooler, as we drove away and our perspective of the rainbow changed, so did its location – still completely visible from end to end. Oh Physics! …And the wonderful world of the Gila!

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  1. BeauTful description Coco! I can picture it & wish i could see & feel it w/ you! Maybe in the near future after my graduation! Im glad You two are enjoying life & are happy! Keep in touch! Lots of LOVE XOX dj aka mOma : D

  2. I’m pretty sure Liv would think the only thing missing from your surroundings is a freakin awesome unicorn! : ) dj

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